Friday, November 27, 2009

I met another hot man today...

What a hunk! Ooooo, but I'd love to wrap myself around that man! But he's NA. Can't even think of getting involved with another hot, sexy NA man. Works for the school district. Probably married. All the gorgeous ones are already taken at my age! Forget him.

Howard was hot and sexy, and look what I got for marrying the jerk. Ten years of supporting the man after his acting career tanked. Then he took off with a girl of 19! Dumped me like I was a hot rock. He told me he would never marry a res girl, but I guess he lied. Wouldn't be the first time. This little gal follows him around like a puppy. I guess he's still hot enough to attract the young ones. Unlike me, who at 42 will likely never find another man under the age of 70 who wants me!

Aw, well. Time to go read another post over at Tempt The Cougar. Maybe that'll get my chin off the ground.

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  1. Lee, honey, you are so wrong about yourself. I keep telling you that, but I get the feeling it's going to take more than me to convince you. Would it help to say if I was male I'd be after you like white on rice? Okay, it was worth a shot. But hey, maybe now's a good time for you to take me up on the plea I've made a few times and start interacting with some of the gals on the cougar blog instead of just lurking. A gal can't have too many friends and I just know you're going to love these gals and they will adore you. So, come on ... time to delurk:) Hugs!! Cam