Sunday, March 18, 2012

Well...he's here...all ten fingers and ten toes of him...

Meet Michael Lee Running Elk...

Born March 16, 2012...8 pounds 10 ounces of adorable boy!  I'll be pretty busy for awhile, so don't expect any posts.  Mike is thrilled and I am very worn out.  After this birth, Mike doesn't want to try for that girl.  He watched the birth and helped me (holding my hands as I pushed and screamed like a banshee).  Hey...face it...guys are wimps.  He said he never wanted to "put me through that again".  Hmmm...we'll see.  I still want my girl.

Love to you all!

Lee Running Elk


  1. Yes, he IS adorable! And in a few more months when he walks, you will need to install a fence throughout the house to protect him from himself...LOL!

  2. Just an update on the kid...he's only a year and a half old and he's already into his "terrible" twos. His daddy gave him a toy bow and arrow, and no target is sacred, including my fanny! Baaad daddy!

  3. Daddy is now planning to give the kidlet a full size horse...the pony isn't good enough. So he gets him a 15 hand high pinto stallion? Daddy is going nuts. Sigh.